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FREE AIRPORT ROUNTRIP TRANSPORTATION when you book 400$/person excursions

Discover Zanzibar with Mr Brown




GET FREE AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION TO YOUR HOTEL (both ways) - a 70$ VALUE, when you book $400/person worth excursions with us.


 You won't have to pay a dime in advance. When you are going to be picked up from the airport and left at your hotel you will pay the $40 value of the transportation one way, that will then deducted from the price of the excursions you are going to choose to make (paying only the difference - minimum $360).

Every time you decide to go to a certain part of the world you are wondering how you will get to enjoy the time you will spend there.


We are fully aware that even if you stay in the most beautiful hotel with all the services you need, you yearn to discover how the local culture is, how the locals live, eat and spend their time. For sure you want to explore the best part that the destination has to offer.


We don't know how other parts of the world are, but when it comes to Zanzibar, we can assure you that the HAKUNA MATATA slogan (the Swahili corresponded of NO PROBLEM) is really our way of being. Zanzibar is a safe place to visit. The locals are friendly and the landscapes simply take your breath away.


A customer once told me that she feels she has Instagram installed in her eyes and she feels that the pictures she's taking are unable to replicate the beauty of what her eyes are seeing. 


When it comes to getting out of the hotel you will probably think that the safest way is to book directly from the hotel tour shop. Once you'll get there, you'll see how high the prices are, and I can assure you that the services they offer are not better than ours.


Of course it also depends a lot of how adventurous you are when it comes to choose the type of extra activities you want to do. It doesn't matter if you are the lazy type or the active type, for sure we'll have something to meet the needs of each one of you, no matter the age, religion, sex or weight. Our main goal is to make you feel feel safe, comfortable and happy.


All the activities you will find among the various websites available, be sure that we are able to offer them too. So if you have seen somewhere else an activity that you don't see advertised on our website, don't hesitate to contact us, we'll definitely find a way to offer it. Either you want to travel alone or part of a group, we have fun activities for everybody.


From airport to hotel transfers at unbeatable prices, to swim with the wild dolphins in the middle of the Indian Ocean or with the turtles in a natural aquarium in Nungwi, to snorkelling at Mnemba Island or Tumbatu Island followed by an exquisite seafood lunch, with us you will not only feel safe, but you will benefit of the best services, in a happy, friendly environment together with our staff. It doesn't matter if you are in Zanzibar for 3 days or 3 weeks, we'll surely arrange a plan for you that you will never forget. We are more than happy to assist you in buying the cheapest souvenirs for your loved ones back home in the bazaars of Stone Town. You could enjoy a lovely afternoon discovering this ancient town that was once the heart of the slave market. You be impressed not only by the beauty of the doors in Indian and Arabic style, but also by the warmth of the people.


If you enjoy eating local food, the food market at the Forodhani Gardens is the perfect place to see the sunset and fresh made sugar cane juice and eat some fresh grilled octopus. If you like fancy, maybe you want to get a sunset cruise followed by a romantic dinner for one of the restaurants in Stone Town. Oh, so you like animals too. Well, you're in the perfect place. You can see the giant turtles from Prison Island, originally from the Seychelles, they were a gift to the sultan's wife. You love monkeys? Well, now is your big chance of seeing them in the wildness in the Jozani Forest. You can come very, very close to them, watching them in their natural environment. They are called red colobous monkeys and they can only be found in Zanzibar.


You've probably heard about The Rock restaurant. Well, if you haven't let you know that it was cataloged as being one of the most interesting restaurants in the world. You can enjoy either lunch or dinner at The Rock which is a small restaurant on top of a formation of corals. You can eat seafood or pasta, or maybe you just want to enjoy a sweet cocktail while admiring the delicious colors of the Indian Ocean. Don't worry about anything; we can do all the reservations and arrangements for you.


Discover Zanzibar with Mr. Brown is a new online project, even though we deal with tourists for more than 10 years. We understood that the best advertising is now online and that a happy customer is the best business card one can get. Our main goal is for you to be happy, that’s why we don’t ask for money in advance, you only pay at the end of each trip. We only ask you to be sure when you book a trip do don’t ruin our plans. So we would be very grateful that after your trip to leave your impressions and reviews about each trip that you did with us on

 Just enjoy! We'll take care about the rest!

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